Welcome. I'm Harim, an entrepreneur driven by the desire to create meaningful value. My journey began with a small startup and later involved coordinating various assignments within the KPOP media landscape, each experience deepening my resilience and adaptability. Today, I'm steering Mingo, a project centered around the fascinating world of the metaverse. This site is a snapshot of my professional growth and the lessons I've learned. Join me as I continue to learn, adapt, and navigate this ever-changing world of business.


National University of Singapore
Bachelor's degree, Mechanical Engineering
2014 ~ 2018


Georgia Institute of Technology
Master of Science, Computer Science, OMSCS
2022 ~ Now



Korea Military Academy

AI Researcher
2022 ~ 2023


In my role as an AI Researcher at the Korea Military Academy's Army AI R&D Center, I lead projects on military applications of computer vision. A key project involves the development of an AI-driven surveillance system using Multi-Object Tracking (MOT). This system employs a user-friendly interface to effectively enhance security measures by signaling alerts when individuals enter predefined areas on CCTV screens.


2017 ~ 2018


As a Co-founder of Keep, a startup envisioned as an 'Airbnb for self storage', I embarked on a journey to revolutionize the storage industry. Our innovative approach led us to receive the NUS Innovation & Practicum Award, reflecting our potential to disrupt the market. Further validation of our business model came when we secured third place in the Startupweekend Mega 2017. Despite facing regulatory challenges that ultimately led to the venture's conclusion, the experience strengthened my resilience and sharpened my entrepreneurial acumen.

Featured In

Naver Corp



At Naver, as an intern, my contributions included the construction of a comprehensive database encompassing over 2000 Korean startups, which served as a vital tool for trend analysis. Further, I played a key role in facilitating meetings and ensuring clear communication for our partnered startups, reinforcing my skills in data analysis and intercultural collaboration. This invaluable experience provided an insightful perspective into the dynamic Korean startup ecosystem.


KAMP Singapore

Project Lead and Concert Coordinator (KODYSEA)


As the Project Lead for KAMP 2019, a major KPOP event, I directed a diverse range of responsibilities, ensuring performing artists' safety and securing the concert venue. I also established essential protocols and coordinated intricate concert details. My role extended to directing innovative marketing campaigns, engaging micro-influencers, and liaising with local media outlets. To successfully manage these tasks, I coordinated with various service providers and led a dedicated team of associates. The event showcased top artists such as Super Junior and Momoland, reflecting our team's effective management and coordination efforts.

Return of the Superman Filming

Production Coordinator (KODYSEA)


Serving as the Production Coordinator for the Singapore segment of the acclaimed Korean TV show "Return of the Superman", I partnered with the KBS production team to select optimal filming locations and develop engaging content. My role extended to managing the filming schedule and ensuring seamless coordination, thereby contributing to a successful production.